Coffee Cantata / The Telephone

Charleston Opera Theater and the Summerville Orchestra partner to stage this charming double bill of Bach’s Coffee Cantata and Menotti’s The Telephone and will be hosted at Mercantile and Mash at 701 E. Bay Street.  This amusing and immersive performance experience brings the audience into the scenery of the drama at one of Charleston’s most chic cafés.  Performances are June 2, 5pm, June 3, 6pm and June 4, 4pm and 6pm.  Admission is $20.

Coffee Cantata:

Narrator – Joshua Overby

Schlendrian – Bradley Morrison

Liesgen – Hälis Rünk


The Telephone:

Lucy England – Amanda Castellone

Ben Upthegrove – Bradley Morrison


Musical Director – Wojciech Milewski

Stage Director – Saundra DeAthos-Meers